What patio materials
are the most popular?

Patios are one of the most popular features of residential landscaping. Not only do provide a great space out the back to relax or entertain guests, but they also add significant value to your property. As your patio will become a permanent fixture in your home, it is important to weigh your options before choosing which materials to use. Weather conditions, the size of the patio you want to build, the style of your home and your budget are among the primary concerns. Here are the top 3 patio materials people choose:


Concrete remains the most popular option as it is the most affordable. It is also easy and quick to install and by far the least labour-intensive. It is easier to size and shape during the installation process. Maintaining a concrete patio is straightforward, which adds to its popularity among homeowners. Apart from occasional sweeping and power washing, there is little else you have to worry about.

Paving Stones (Pavers)

A man-made material that is usually of either clay or concrete. They cost a little more than poured concrete and need a bit more skill to install correctly. A big plus is that an experienced professional will fix them quickly, and they can be used almost immediately. They are available in many different sizes, colours and shapes to suit most tastes and needs Concrete Pavers provide a beautiful finish and require little maintenance. Sweeping them regularly and power washing them on occasion will keep them looking their best. Clay pavers are becoming increasingly popular as they are more durable than the concrete counterparts. If installed correctly can last a lifetime The main reason people choose pavers over concrete is that the whole patio is not affected by one crack. You have to replace the paver concerned

Natural Stone

Natural stone is by far the most luxurious and durable of the three material, but as a consequence, it is also the most expensive. The raw materials are only one part of the cost; the labour costs are higher too as a natural stone patio needs an experienced pair of hands to install.

Which is best for you?

Natural stone, pavers and concrete remain the top 3 patio materials people choose, all have their advantages and disadvantages. But what constitutes an ideal patio is unique to each homeowner. There certainly is no one size fits all solution for all gardens; you need to consider what you intend to use it for, the style you would prefer and your budget when deciding what is best for you.
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