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In this article, I will inform you about Amersham, a town in Buckinghamshire. I will tell you something about its old history, present you interesting attractions and I will recommend some lovely restaurants to you.

Amersham is a civil parish within the Chiltern district in Buckinghamshire, England. As for the 2011 census, Amersham has a growing population of approximately 14.400 residents. Being 27 miles away from central London, it is still part of the London commuter belt. There are two areas in Amersham: Old Amersham, which is set in the valley of a river and containing many old pubs, inns and the church of St. Mary's. The other one is Amersham-on-the-Hill, which grew up in the 20th century.


he history of Amersham lies more than a thousand years in the past. The earliest mention in the history book, was in AD 796. It was known as a little village and had the name Elmodesham. It was mentioned in the Domesday Book as a little village, with 6 ploughs, 14 villagers and 7 slaves. The value of Amersham was £9. This land was held Queen Edith, the sister of King Harold. When she died in 1075, the land was granted to Geoffrey de Mandeville. His descendant obtained a charter for Amersham, which allowed to hold a Friday market. This market was the first part for Amersham of a long way, until it got as it is now. In the 19th century, the area around Amersham, became known as Amersham-on-the-Hill and its population gradually accelerated, when a railway station was build there.


Old Amersham is located on the banks of river Misbourne, which dries out periodically. It is surrounded by some woods, and has a great agriculture land, which helped the town to grow and become a town whit a local market, which itself attracted more and more traders and settlers. Amersham-on-the-Hill is built on the northern side of the Misbourne valley, where it separates the River Misbourne and the neighbouring River Chess. Amersham has a railway station, a terminus of London Underground's Metropolitan line.

Notable people

The most famous person from Amersham is Katy Brand. Being born and brought up in Amersham, she fought her way through the entertainment business and became an actress, comedian and a writer. She is known for her series Katy Brand's Big Ass Show and for Slap, a Comedy Lab on channel 4.


Coming in first, are the Chilterns. They are grassy hills, with some woodland here and there, sparkling streams, some farms and hidden pubs. Another thing you definitely need to do, when visiting Amersham is to pay a visit to Amersham's famous St Mary's Church. This church has many statues, some of them carved for the Drake Family, which has its own chapel. Being buried here is also the last woman to be executed by hanging in the UK: Ruth Ellis (1926-1955). Amersham has many attractions, but the following will be the last one on this list. It is not an attraction, as it is just a beautiful place. Bekonscot Model Village, is the oldest model village in the world, surrounded by a love story.


Amersham has many restaurants, with some of them being Michelin restaurants. The first one would be the Artichoke in Old Amersham. Listed in the UK Top 100 Restaurants and being awarded with a Michelin star, this restaurant prides itself on refined Modern European Cuisine, presenting fresh ingredients of the respective season. The second restaurant I want to recommend is Gilbey's Old Amersham. A classy restaurant, with a beautiful Upstairs Private Dining Room and changing menus, this restaurant can give you a pleasant surprise.


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