Top 3 Things to Do in High Wycombe

Image credit: Colin Smith / High Wycombe Guildhall

Located on the northwest of London, Wycombe is a picturesque English town, most famous for its local art and furniture scene. The town was also home to Benjamin Disraeli, leader of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom between 1874 and 1880. Disraeli maintained Hughenden Manor as his country house. From students to adults, the truth is this small and beautiful town has something for everyone. If you are planning a trip to High Wycombe or if you elaborate itinerary includes stopping by this gorgeous town, here are the top three things you must do to make your time here memorable.

Spend an Afternoon at the Chiltern Hills

High Wycombe is located in the rolling side of Chiltern Hills, a 250-metre-long escarpment now conserved as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Start your day at the tourist office located inside the High Wycome Library and collect all the information and supplements you will need to explore this chalk escarpment. The famous Hughenden Manor is situated within the Chilterns, and you can stop and enjoy its lush green gardens and exquisite architecture before continuing with your afternoon of exploration.

Explore West Wycombe Park

Who hasn't heard of Sir Francis Dashwood, the founder of Hellfire Club, a club for high-society rakes! Sir Francis Dashwood was a politician with a notorious reputation. While travelling Russia, he tried to seduce Tsarina Anne by impersonating Charles XII. His conduct, however, got him expelled from the Papal States. West Wycombe Park is the place where Sir Francis Dashwood spent most of his life. The park successfully combines Georgian design elements with renaissance architecture. The park has been owned and maintained by the National Trust since 1943. If you are in High Wycombe, make sure to spend some time admiring this architectural beauty.

Feel Closer to History Inside the Hellfire Caves

The Hellfire Caves are human-made caves that served as the meeting place of Hellfire Club members. Some of the famous people that frequented this cave include John Wilkes, the famous English politician, William Hogarth, the popular English painter and political satirist, and the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who many people believe invented the sandwich. The interiors of these caves are adorned with souvenirs Sir Francois Dashwood picked from various parts of the world, including Greece, Turkey, and Syria. Located inside the cave is the Franklin Cave, named after the famous American Polymath, who also frequented these caves regularly.


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